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eBay Plus Terms and Conditions

By signing up for an eBay Plus membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) with eBay Marketplaces GmbH (“eBay”). These Terms are between you and eBay and govern our respective rights and obligations. Please note that your use of the website (“eBay website”) and your Plus membership are also governed by eBay’s User Agreement and all applicable policies on the eBay website, which are incorporated into these Terms.

  1. Becoming an eBay Plus member
    1. You must have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia in order to join eBay Plus. Your eBay Plus membership is linked to your eBay account.
    2. To join eBay Plus, you must sign in to your eBay account and then complete the registration process by selecting a payment method, reading and accepting these Terms and then selecting the “Sign up now” button.
    3. When you select the “Sign up now” button, you are entering into a binding agreement between you and eBay, based on these Terms. eBay will send you an email within 24 hours confirming your eBay Plus membership.
    4. eBay reserves the right to accept or refuse membership in its discretion.

  2. Membership cancellation
    1. You may cancel your eBay Plus membership at any time by selecting “Manage membership” on your eBay Plus membership page and then selecting the “Cancel” option in the drop-down menu.
    2. If you cancel any time after signing up for a paid membership or converting from a free trial to a paid membership, you will not be refunded your membership fee regardless of whether or not you made any eligible purchases or have taken advantage of any eBay Plus benefits since your latest Plus membership charge. You will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until the end of your membership year, but your membership will not be automatically renewed for a further year.

  3. Free 30-day trial
    1. If you sign up for a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus, you may cancel your membership at any time during the 30-day trial period.
    2. If you cancel your eBay Plus membership during the 30-day trial period, you will incur no fees or other charges for the membership. You will continue to receive all eBay Plus benefits until the end of the 30-day trial period, at which time your eBay Plus membership will end.
    3. If you do not cancel your eBay Plus membership before the 30-day trial period has ended, your membership will be automatically renewed and you will be charged the full annual subscription fee in accordance with sections 5 and 6.
    4. There is a maximum of one free 30-day trial of eBay Plus per eBay member. You may not use or create another eBay account in order to take advantage of the free 30-day trial more than once.

  4. Benefits of eBay Plus membership
    1. As an eBay Plus member:
      1. You are entitled to free standard domestic postage on eBay Plus items you purchase using PayPal or a credit/debit card (express and international postage is excluded);
      2. You are entitled to free returns on eBay Plus items, subject to clauses 4.3 and 4.4;
      3. If you have linked your eBay and flybuys accounts, you are entitled to collect double points (1 flybuys point for every $1 spent) on eligible items purchased on, subject to the flybuys on eBay Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated into these Terms; and
      4. You are also entitled to premium customer service and special promotions and discount offers as advertised on or otherwise communicated to you from time to time.
    2. “eBay Plus items” are selected fixed price items available on the website that are designated with the eBay Plus logo.
    3. You are only entitled to return an eBay Plus item for free when:
      1. You return the item within 30 days of receipt or, if the seller offers a longer returns period, within the seller's return timeframe;
      2. You return the item through eBay’s inflow returns services;
      3. You return the item via eBay’s designated shipping partners (Australia Post and ParcelPoint);
      4. You select a satchel that is appropriate in size for the item being returned; and
      5. You select a standard returns label. Returns via courier pick up and express returns are excluded.
    4. eBay reserves the right to limit the number of free returns of eBay Plus items you may make in its discretion if it determines that the number of free returns you have made is excessive.
    5. If you are an eBay Plus member and only some of the items in your transaction are eBay Plus items, you will have to pay applicable postage and returns costs for the items that are not eBay Plus items. You will only be entitled to free standard postage and returns on the eBay Plus items.
    6. eBay reserves the right in its sole discretion to change its designated shipping partners or add new shipping partners at any time.
    7. eBay reserves the right in its sole discretion to add or remove eBay Plus benefits.

  5. Fees
    1. The annual membership fee for eBay Plus is AU $49.
    2. From time to time, eBay may offer a discounted membership fee for your first membership year. Any such offer will only be available for time it is advertised on and will only apply for your first membership year. If your membership rolls over for a further year, or you cancel your membership and later sign up again, the annual membership fee of AU $49 will apply.
    3. The membership fee is payable once you sign up for an eBay Plus membership and eBay sends you an email confirming your membership (or, if you have signed up for a 30-day free trial period, on the day following the conclusion of the free trial period). In the case of a renewal of an existing membership, the membership fee is payable at the beginning of the new membership year.
    4. You will be automatically charged for the membership fee using the preferred payment method you have selected, unless you cancel your membership prior to the charge. UNLESS CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP, YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR EABY PLUS MEMBERSHIP WILL AUTOMATICALLY CONTINUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH CLAUSE 6.3 AND YOU AUTHORISE US (WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU) TO COLLECT THE MEMBERSHIP FEE USING THE PAYMENT METHOD WE HAVE NO FILE FOR YOU.
    5. If all payment methods eBay has on file for you are declined and your membership fees cannot be paid, you must provide us with a new eligible payment method promptly or your membership will be cancelled.
    6. You can get an invoice for your eBay Plus membership fees from the eBay Plus Member hub.

  6. Term and Termination
    1. Your eBay Plus membership is valid for 1 year from the date of signing up.
    2. If you sign up for a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus, your membership is valid for 30 days from the date of signing up for the free trial. If you do not cancel your membership within those 30 days, it will automatically renew on the day after the free trial period and your annual membership will start on that day (i.e. the 31st day).
    3. Your eBay Plus membership will automatically renew at the end of each membership year for a further year unless you or eBay cancel it prior to the end of the membership period.
    4. If your original payment method is declined and you subsequently provide us with a new eligible payment method and are successfully charged for your membership fees, your annual membership will start from the date you signed up or your membership renewal date, not the date of the successful charge.
    5. eBay reserves the right to terminate your eBay Plus membership at any time in its discretion, without notice to you, and without refunding your membership fees - for example, if eBay considers that you are misusing the eBay Plus service.
    6. If your eBay membership is terminated for any reason, your eBay Plus membership will also terminated automatically.

  7. Limitation of liability
    1. To the extent permitted by law, eBay will not be liable for any loss incurred by you, or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, technical malfunction, injury, expense or inconvenience that arise as a result of or in connection with your eBay Plus membership.

  8. Additional terms
    1. You may not transfer or assign your eBay Plus membership or any eBay Plus benefits to any another person.
    2. eBay may, in its sole discretion, assign its rights and obligations under this agreement, either wholly or in part, to another eBay entity or third party.
    3. eBay may amend these Terms at any time by posting the amended terms on We will also notify you of any material amendments through eBay Messages (in My eBay) or directly to the email address linked to your account. Except as stated elsewhere, all amended terms will automatically be effective 30 days after they are initially posted. If you do not accept the changes you should cancel your eBay Plus membership in accordance with clause 2.
    4. If any provision of these terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be severed and the remaining provisions will remain in effect.
    5. The failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any of eBay’s rights.