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eBay Deals


Buying? Why shop on eBay Deals?

eBay Deals is a place where you can find

Some sellers may also offer expedited delivery for an additional charge.

eBay Deals is not a paid advertisement opportunity. We want you to have a delightful experience on eBay. That’s why we hand-pick the deals we think you’ll love, at a great price and from trusted sellers.

If you want to find out about the latest deals you can sign up for the eBay Deals email alert.

Selling? Get your products into eBay Deals

eBay sellers with an eBay Store could benefit from additional exposure for their listings by participating in eBay Deals.

There are a number of criteria that a seller and their deals must meet in order to participate in eBay Deals. Our eBay Deals Submissions page provides all the submission criteria and information to help your listings appear on eBay Deals.

eBay does not charge any additional fees for participating in eBay Deals.

Please note that criteria may change from time to time. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in eBay Deals. eBay reserves the right to include or remove a seller’s listing from eBay Deals at its discretion.

How to install the eBay Deals Chrome Browser Extension

If you use the Google Chrome browser you can keep up to date with the latest eBay Deals events by installing our browser extension. The extension is available on the Chrome Store.

How to uninstall the eBay Deals Chrome Browser Extension

If you have the eBay Deals Google Chrome browser extension installed you can uninstall it with the following steps:

  1. In your Chrome browser navigate to: Settings > Tools > Extensions
  2. Locate the extension and click the “trash can” icon
  3. Confirm the removal by clicking “Remove”