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PayPal Australia
  • How do I sell with PayPal on

    PayPal will automatically be flagged as a payment option when listing your items in most categories on Just follow these steps:

    1. The box next to PayPal in the Payments and Postage section of the Sell Your Item form will be ticked.
    2. Add the email address you've registered (or intend to register) with your PayPal account.
    3. If you don't already have one, you'll need to open a PayPal account. You can still list your items for sale without a PayPal account but you'll need to open one to collect your funds once your items have been paid for.

    PayPal will appear automatically as a payment option in your listings. The PayPal logo will also appear automatically on your item listing page, making it easy for buyers to see that they can pay with PayPal.

    When your buyer sends a PayPal payment for an eBay item, you'll receive an email notifying you of its receipt. Log in to your PayPal account to review the payment details, including the details of the sender and the amount. You can also review the amount charged in fees for this transaction.

    As a seller, you'll be charged a small fee for receiving payments into your PayPal account. These fees may vary. Learn more about PayPal fees.

  • How do I know when I've received a payment?

    PayPal will send you an email to let you know you've received a payment. You can view received payments in the Account Overview or History areas when you log into your PayPal account.

  • How do I withdraw funds from my PayPal account to my Bank account?

    As soon as you receive a payment, it goes into your PayPal balance. When you have a PayPal balance, you can withdraw the funds to your bank account. Log in to your account and click 'Withdraw' to view your withdraw options. Please allow 3 - 5 days for the funds to appear in your bank account. The length of time depends on your bank's processing schedule.

  • What is Seller Protection?

    PayPal Seller Protection is provided to protect sellers on from chargebacks and other losses they're not responsible for.

    Read more about Seller Protection here.

  • Can I pass on my PayPal fees to my buyers?

    PayPal Australia does not allow surcharging (passing on PayPal fees) so you need to take into account all costs when setting your starting or Buy it Now price.

  • What payment methods can I accept with pay on pick up?

    eBay recommends you accept a bank cheque with ID, or cash when a buyer chooses to pay and pick up their item in person. If the transaction is made with PayPal for a pick up transaction you will NOT be eligible for seller protection.

  • If I offer PayPal for local pick up, am I eligiblefor PayPal Seller Protection?

    No. The Seller Protection policy requires proof of shipment which is not available for face to face transactions.

  • Can I offer pay on pick up and not offer PayPal?

    PayPal must be offered on all listings including those with pay on pick up. There are a few exceptions to this rule for cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, caravans, trailers, trucks (commercial), services, real estate and businesses for sale. Learn more about these exceptions.

  • What payment methods are available when buying or selling vehicles or services?

    Most listings on must offer PayPal as a payment method, but there are a small number of exceptions.

    These listings can offer PayPal AND/OR pay on pick up:

    Cars, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Boats, Caravans, Trailers, Commercial Trucks, Services, Real estate and Businesses for sale.

    If the listing offers PayPal, Visa/MasterCard is also an option for buyers without a PayPal account. If you choose to pay on pick up, it's recommended you inspect the item or receive the service before making a payment.

  • I've heard it can take PayPal 21 days to release funds after I've been paid for an item. Is that true?

    To further reduce the number of disputes, PayPal may delay the release of funds for up to 21 days, or until a buyer leaves you positive feedback. This is targeted at a very small percentage of items which pose the greatest risk, so majority of sellers won't be affected.

    Sellers will be notified at the time of listing that their payment may be held. Having one payment held does not mean that all the seller's payments will be held. Each transaction is treated separately.

  • How will a hold on funds appear in my PayPal account?

    The status of the transaction will state 'On Hold - Ship Now' if you are selling an item and the funds are placed on hold. Clicking the Details link on the payment in the My Account section of PayPal will provide further information. If you're selling an item, you'll be notified before you've completed the listing if the payment may be put on hold.

  • Can a seller refund the payment while it is on hold?

    A seller may still use the Refund link to send the payment back to the buyer.

  • Will any portion of the payment be exempt from being on hold, so the seller can pay for postage?

    The entire payment will be placed on hold. Sellers are advised to post the item in order to speed up the process leading to the release of funds.

  • What is a chargeback?

    Chargebacks occur when buyers ask their credit card issuer to reverse a transaction that has already been approved. You may be protected from chargebacks with PayPal Seller Protection.

    For lower value items you may prefer to use a cheaper postage option that may not offer proof of postage, but bear in mind you wont be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection if you are not able to provide this.

  • What is an eCheque and how does it work?

    An eCheque is a non-instant payment. It's processed by the buyer's bank and transferred into the seller's PayPal account. This process usually takes up to 5 business days, depending on your bank. You can check the status of eCheque payments in your PayPal account. We recommend that sellers wait until the funds clear into their PayPal account before posting any items.

    eCheque payments could be sent when the buyer does not have sufficient funds in their PayPal balance to cover the entire transaction cost, and they don't have a back-up funding source, such as a credit or debit card.

    To avoid these non instant transactions that can delay reception of your purchase, the buyer should add a credit card to their PayPal account.

  • Are buyers covered by PayPal Buyer Protection if items are sent by Express Post?

    Yes, a buyer can make a claim irrespective of the method used to post the item.

  • Are sellers covered by PayPal Seller Protection if the items are sent by Express Post?

    Yes. PayPal requires proof of shipment from an approved postage service, showing the buyer's address. Express Post, Express Post Platinum and Express Post 5kg are all acceptable services for PayPal Seller Protection claims.

  • What postage services does PayPal recommend that I use?

    You can use any postage options that work best for you. If you want to be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection, you will need documentation that clearly shows you have shipped the item to the buyer at the address they provided in the PayPal Transaction Details page.

    This documentation must include:

    1. The delivery address of the buyer (being the address on the PayPal transaction details page)Australia Post Registered Post or Registered Post International.
    2. The date the item was shipped.
    3. An official acceptance of the item by the shipper, such as a postmark or online status update. A status showing the item was delivered is also acceptable.

    Find out more about your shipping options.