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Store fee changes – live on 22 September 2011

From 22 September 2011, eBay is trialling fee changes on that will include free insertion fees on all fixed price (Buy It Now) Anchored Store listings. These changes are designed to reward our valued Anchored Store sellers, and encourage business and professional sellers to meet the growing demand for fixed price items and remain competitive.

The changing shape of eBay

Sales in fixed price formats are driving the growth in ecommerce both on and off eBay. As more retailers compete for a share of online sales in primarily fixed price formats, businesses must remain competitive in this increasingly crowded retail landscape.

For eBay that means having more business and professional sellers with a Store list with Buy It Now.

eBay is introducing changes that will encourage business and professional sellers to meet this growing demand and remain competitive.

Store fee changes

From 22 September 2011, the following changes to Store fees on will take effect:


Have a look at the table below to see how you can benefit from listing in fixed price from 22 September: 

Anchor Store pricing from 22 September 2011

Starting or Reserve price


Fixed Price

Insertion fee  0.01 - 0.99




1.00 - 19.99


20.00 - 49.99


50.00 - 99.99


100.00 - 399.99




Feature     Gallery



Feature Featured Plus*


Feature Featured Plus (30 & GTC)


                           Closing price
Final value fee 0.01 - 75.00

7% of the closing price

75.01 - 1,000

7% of the initial 75.00 plus 3.5% of the
remaining closing price (75.01 to 1,000)

Over 1,000

7% of the initial 75.00 plus 3.5% of the initial (75.01 to 1,000)
plus 2.5% of the remaining closing price (1,000.01 - closing)




Single Quantity & Multi-Quantity

Take action

By when

Take action


  • Familiarise yourself with the new fee changes to see how you’ll benefit from 22 September

 22 September 2011

  • New Store fee changes take effect
  • You can list your entire inventory in Buy It Now for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do the Store fee changes take effect? 

Changes to Store fees will take effect from 22 September 2011.  

2. Why is eBay increasing final value fees for Auction listings?

Auctions are still important and relevant today but are better suited to casual sellers listing items with an undetermined value. Businesses on eBay still using Auctions as their main listing format can now to better cater for the overwhelming customer demand for fixed price items. The fee changes are designed to encourage business and professional sellers to meet this demand and remain competitive by listing with Buy It Now.

3. Will free insertion fees for Anchored Store listings be permanently available on

eBay is trialling these fee changes from 22 September this year. eBay will look at whether to make them permanent on

4. Are sellers who have opted out of the PowerSeller program eligible for the 30 free insertion fee listings per month?

Yes. Sellers who have opted out of the PowerSeller program are still eligible for the free insertion fee trial.

5. If I list an item and it doesn't sell, do I need to pay the insertion fee? 

If you relist and it doesn’t sell, you still don’t have to pay an insertion fee  as long as the relisted item falls within the first 30 listings for that month.

6. I’m not sure if my account is registered as a business or part of the PowerSeller program. How can I find out? 

To find out if you are part of the PowerSeller program, check the Seller Dashboard in My eBay. To check if your account is registered as a business on eBay, go to My eBay, and then under the Account tab click Personal or Business Information.

7. Do the same rules apply to accounts registered outside I.e. can a Store registered on take advantage of the 30 free listings per month?

The same rules apply regardless of where the eBay account is set up. If you are a PowerSeller, Stores subscriber or registered as a business on any site you are not eligible for the 30 free listings.