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Faster process for unpaid items

What is the unpaid item process?
When a buyer wins an auction or uses Buy it Now, but does not pay for the item within the amount of time allowed, this is an unpaid item. If contacting the buyer doesn't resolve the situation, you can open an unpaid item case in the eBay Resolution Center. If the buyer still doesn't pay for the item after the case is open, you will get a Final Value Fee credit. Your Insertion Fees may also be refunded if you relist the item and it sells the second time.

What's changing?

  • The process is faster: We're drastically reducing the time to open a case from seven to four days and reducing the maximum time it takes to resolve a case to approximately 30 days (it used to take up to 60). In addition, there are fewer forms to fill out, and no more mandatory back and forth between the buyer and seller - sellers determine whether and how much to communicate with buyers directly and communication should take place in My Messages only.
  • Communications are more neutral in tone: Emails about the dispute will come from eBay rather than from buyers and sellers. Also, unpaid item-related language is being softened throughout the site (the term "unpaid item strike" will no longer be used in communications, for example, even though unpaid items will still have the same negative impact on buyers' accounts).

The unpaid item process will only focus on unpaid items. For other transaction issues, please visit the Resolution Center.

How do I start the unpaid item process?
If your buyer has not paid, simply click the link for the Resolution Center at the bottom of most eBay pages. If you're using My eBay or Selling Manager, you can also select "Open an Unpaid Item Case" from the drop-down menu that appears to the right of the item.