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Seller checklist


Here's a handy checklist for selling on eBay. Download a PDF version of the Seller checklist.

1. Become a registered seller

 Provide eBay with valid credit/debit card or bank account information

Let us know how you would like to pay your seller fees

Make sure your Feedback profile is public

2. Sign up to accept one of the required Safer Payment Methods

PayPal, Paymate or Merchant Credit Card

3. Research your item

Make sure your item is legal in general and okay to sell on 

Select a selling format (such as Auction-style or Buy It Now fixed price)

Search active and completed listings for listing category and price ideas

Calculate postage costs and look at other ways you can optimise your postage

4. Create your listing

Start selling:

Create your listing:

5. Manage your listing

Check My eBay to see how bidding is going

Answer all questions you receive from potential buyers

6. Wrap up with your buyer

If you used Checkout or receive a payment notification from a buyer, respond quickly to payment notification and post the item as you specified in your listing

You can also use Checkout to send the buyer an invoice

If you didn't use Checkout, contact the buyer directly by email or phone

Important: Contact the buyer directly if you haven't heard from the buyer or received Checkout or payment notification within three days of your listing's end.

Leave buyer Feedback