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Seller fees overview


When you list an item for sale on you're charged an insertion fee. For some listings, insertion fees are FREE*. If the item sells you're also charged a final value fee. The basic cost of selling an item on eBay is the insertion fee plus the final value fee**.

Insertion fees and final value fees may vary depending on the listing format and category. For full details, see fees for selling on eBay. Fees also vary depending on the eBay site you list your item on (e.g.;;

Insertion fees

Insertion fees are the price eBay charges for listing your item for sale.

Auction and fixed price formats 

To calculate the insertion fee, multiply the start price by the number of items offered in the one listing and then use the table below to find the associated insertion fee. All fees are in Australian dollars and apply to listings on only.

Listing start price

First 30 listings in one month*

For 31+ listings in same month

Plus PowerSellers & sellers registered as a business without a Store

Less than $20.00   

Free for first 30 listings per month

$20.00 - $99.99   $1.50
$100.00 or more   $3.00

Final value fees

Final value fees are charged only when your item has sold.

Auction and fixed price formats

All fees are in Australian dollars and apply to listings on only.


First 30 listings in one month**

31+ listings in same month

Final value fee


(capped at $100)



 * Seller eligibility criteria applies. To qualify for 30 free listings per month members must have a Registered Address in Australia, and must not be a PowerSeller, registered as a business or a Store subscriber. Listings must be single quantity and not fall within excluded categories.

** To qualify for the cap of $100, listings must meet the Seller eligibility criteria.